Sonic Pi and disabled learners/creatives

Just free-forming here: Sonic Pi is a fantastic tool, which relies on ‘standard’ keyboard input. In my work as an inclusive creative technologist I see great value in Sonic Pi both for creative self-expression, and learning and development. Musicians I work with have moderate or severe physical or cognitive disabilities that in many cases would preclude the use of standard computer keyboard, so here’s what I’m thinking/asking (possible solutions): is there a way to impose customised key-bindings, within the OS or within Sonic Pi, so that keyboard modifiers aren’t needed - these musicians would not be able to use “ctl/alt +”; I’m thinking of Tab to run, Shift to stop? And is there a way to ‘send’ virtual keyboard presses (from an iPad for example) to an OS running Sonic Pi, so text could be entered remotely?

Hi @brendanmac,

these are really great ideas - thanks so much for sharing them.

I am aware that Sonic Pi really could do with improving from an accessibility perspective. This is something we’re slowly working to improve. For example, the upcoming release will have far better screen reader support.

However, most of my time is currently spent trying to figure out how to get a sustainable income stream so I can continue to work on important features like you suggest. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go, so for now, development is very much reduced whilst I spend most of my energy travelling and engaging with as many people as possible.

I’m trying my best to spread the word about my Patreon account which I really see as a fundamental part of the sustainability story. Essentially, if I can get enough people to regularly donate a small amount (the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee a year) I will be all set to continue at full speed:

Hi @samaaron
I totally appreciate that development time is expensive, I am in a similar financial situation myself. Please understand that the OP was not a ‘feature request’, merely free-forming; when I too am on more solid financial ground I will be Patreonising :wink: