Thank God for Stretch!

Tried the .deb again with Buster and got this …
( my connection is good ( I ’ m using it here ) )
I wish SPi & RPi would get back together …


Sorry you are having problems with the install. I created the package, and I have installed it many times on different versions of RPi’s. It looks like when you try and install the package it can’t find an internet connection to download the dependencies. Your pi must be connected to the internet during the install of the .deb file.
Could you try the following.
Open a terminal window in your downloads folder. (so you should see sonic-pi_3.2.2_4_armhf.deb when you do ls)
check your internet connection is working with a ping command like
ls and checking that you get a positive response, of a series of 64 bytes being received by your Pi.
Then try installing Sonic Pi with
sudo apt install ./sonic-pi_3.2.2_4_armhf.deb
If it works, well and good, If not report back the output that you get.

Thank You Robin …
It worked from the terminal .
I ’ ll stick with Stretch for now
after being reminded that Buster
doesn ’ t switch back and forth
from hdmi to analog with the same
ease … ( Needed for my recording scheme )

I still like the old screen better …
Maybe just a matter of taste .
( fwiw attaching a comparason )