"synth :beep" plays at the end of samples for no reason?

When I play a sample i.e. “play sample :sn_generic” what ends up being played is…
{run: 4, time: 0.0}
├─ sample “C:/Program Files/Sonic Pi/etc/samples”,
│ “sn_generic.flac”
└─ synth :beep, {}

so I’m getting the basic “beep” played alongside all my samples.
Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?

aaaah…solved it
I shouldn’t write “play sample” but just “sample”
…embarrassed, but wiser :grimacing:

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Hi Stick,

Every now and then someone (often me) does something
similar… no worries matey, it’s just nature reminding us
we’re human. :slight_smile:


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I’ve seen this crop up a couple of times, might it be worth having play detect when it’s passed the result of a call to sample and print a meaningful error message?

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I wasn’t sure about the wording of the error message, but maybe something like this would be helpful. What do you think @samaaron?