With_synth :saw_beep

Is :saw_beep now :beep or :saw ?

On windows 4.5 and noticed this still appears to be referenced in tutorial but not recognised as a known synth…
synth_names.size = 66


Yes. The synths in version 1 of Sonic Pi had different names but saw_beep equivalent to saw. Other syntax was also different.

Thanks Robin, I was just looking at a certain rendition of Strawberry Fields that I just stumbled upon :wink:; I ain’t VIM savvy so threw the song into np++ to replace “saw_beep” and rework the with_synth (adding do...end as presumably required)

One thing I’ve noticed is that :saw is used within the loop that’s using :saw_beep … so is further adjustment required to play / emulate on the new :saw and :beep synths, or is it no longer possible to recreate as originally heard or intended?


Thanks again!!

No all :saw. I think for SP 1 the inheritance rules were different from memory and so you needed them set inside threads There is quite a lot else to change too. there were no rest symbols I think in SP1 so you played a midi note 0. These give clicks in modern Sp so they need all to be changed to :r Also all play_chords should be changed to just play. You can do it easily with judicious use of a text editor with search and replace. “attack” should be attack: now, but probably release: is better. There is also a superflous comma after it which needs to go. Also the volume settings for synths were different so I set a use_synth_defaults amp: 0.5 at the start. The whole things was done by hand. from the music.

BTW I never publicly went further with these after SP1 as there were some copyright objections. I should really have removed them from the gist too.
If you play with them please do NOT publish but just use privately for your own use. I have converted them all for my own use.