Streaming to Google Meet/Hangouts on macOS?

Quick background: I’m a longtime software developer, macOS user, and trumpet player, but I’m a newcomer to Sonic Pi and live coding/streaming.

I use Google Meet for a lot of my video chats, and I would like to do some live coding, where other participants can see and hear Sonic Pi, my microphone, and my webcam. For the video, it seems like sharing my screen would do the job.

The audio is where I’m really stuck. I’ve experimented with BlackHole (successor to Soundflower), using various combinations of Multi Output and Aggregate Devices via Audio MIDI Setup, but I can’t seem to combine the sound from Sonic Pi and my microphone in a way that can be used as an audio input (aka “Microphone”) in Google Meet.

I have got it working with Loopback, but this feels like it should be possible with free software.

I’m happy to provide more detail on things I’ve tried, and the stumbling blocks I’ve encountered, but I’m hoping that somebody has a working setup that they can share.

Finally, I’ve gotten the impression that Zoom makes this easier, but I’d like to avoid changing video chat platforms.

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Did you manage to figure this out with free software or a simpler solution?