Live streaming from Sonic Pi

Just had a first go at seeing what it was like to set up live streaming on YouTube. Used obs software on my MacBookPro and managed to get something working. Not ideal yet. In the current climate would be good to be able to do some SP chats or classes to ease self-isolation. (because of my age bracket)

If anyone else has tips on setting this up. would be good to share.

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Hi @robin.newman,

EDIT : oops you seem to use macbook pro.
Which os do you use ? Windows 10 ? Ubuntu ? what else ?

Yup I’ve run it up on Mac. Most of my Linux builds are in virtual machines.l, as is my windows pc.

I’ve also done some live youtube streaming with OBS. Gets the job done.

In terms of chats or classes, something like Google Hangouts might also work.

Would be cool to have some type of schedule where people can post when they’ll be live streaming. Maybe even have some consistent times set so we have something to look forward to.

I have used OBS in the past, but recently it doesn’t show video anymore. Does anyone on Windows 8.1 have similar issues?
I’m using OBS 25.0, installing the hotfix now.
UPDATE: The hotfix didn’t.

well windows 8.1 is an issue :slight_smile:

Why don’t try ffmpeg ?
In French but the command are valid for all languages

Hi @Davids-Fiddle

Maybe you can read this article :

This website has many articles to learn obs studio.
Hope it helps

I did some manual updates on windows today.
SP Version 3.1 works with OBS 3.2 doesn’t.
However, display capture and window capture of other programs now works.
I had the same problem before SP 3.2 came out, so I think it’s something with my graphics drivers.

Edit 2:
The visualiser doesn’t show in OBS, but that’s an old problem.