Second attempt at streaming.... see video in second post

I’m having a first attemtp at streaming Sonic Pi right now on
I’m streaming Sonic Pi 3.2.1 running on a Pi4, using vncviewer to look at it from my MacbookPro and streaming using obs software from that.
Very new to all of this, but hopefully it is working.
Be good to see any comments if you can get it.

EDIT seems to be working…here is a link to a first video.
Got some say to go to tidy it up, but I’m pleased to have worked out a way of streaming Sonic PI running on a Raspberry Pi with the aid of VNCviewer and a Mac running OBS software.

I hope to eventually have a schedule of doing this, and offering a range of ideas on Sonic PI. I’m not a live coder, but I think there is a place for discussions on various techniques, eg using OSC or MIDI or setting up external synths to Sonic PI. I want to encourage Raspberry Pi users to get going with all teh features that Sonic Pi has to offer.


More on the above. I’ve spent a lot of time fiddling with live streaming and strating to get a hang of setting it up using OBS software on my Mac. I’ve now got it working quite well viewing the Pi4 via VNC viewer on my Mac and then streaming a window from there via OBS. It has not been easy to set up as there are a lot of things to figure out. Getting the audio right is one problem, but that seems to be sorted quite well now. I’m also managing to overlay the built in video camera in the mac. Still a little work to do on getting the optimum resolutions, but you can see a first recording on my rbn1tube site on youtube here.