Live collaboraive codingusing sonic (real time- remote jam sessions)

Hi there,
We are a group of friends who are trying to use sonic pi in a collaborative manner. Our first idea was to use github to do version control and see who has added what .

I was wondering if any one has explored collaborative coding in sonic pi in real time .(As if like members are coding and experimenting ) So that we dont wait , for doing changes/

Hoping to hear more ! Thanks !

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Maybe with something like Zoom …

I don’t know abount the latency ?
And if 1 P.C. could handle Sonic-Pi
plus the com-link ?

Hi @hitsware thanks for the reply. I was also thinking regarding the code. How do people do it , when they need to make compositions . In zoom i guess it is more like , video conferecing and everyone doign his her versions in different editors /

Yes … Hopefully you could hear each other and work with that ?
It would be a timing nightmare .

Hello @tim,

There is currently no simple built in way to synchronise two Sonic Pi instances.
Several tools exist that have attempted to allow such a thing, and they may have worked at one point, but it is quite possible they no longer work.

The following posts have a few more details:

It is definitely something that the core team would like to support natively, and to that end some initial groundwork has been laid. However, there is still much that needs to be done to implement it, and it boils down to a question of priorities vs available resources. We definitely want to see this feature end up in Sonic Pi though :slight_smile:


I should add that all the work I’m doing going forward is specifically to support this kind of activity.

The future of Sonic Pi is distributed jamming!