Live-coding real time collaboration

Hello to all,

With a student we are trying to setup a workflow to perform live-coding sessions where:

  1. We can collaborate remotely on the same buffer, kind of a ping-pong coding.
  2. We can sync two computers running SonicPi individually and remotely.

We tried using Atom/teletype as editor and sending the code to SonicPi, with not much success. We used the plugin. So far we haven’t been able to make it work, SonicPi gets the osc messages but it appears it does not run the code.

I am not sure what we are missing to make it work. I would appreciate any guide on what could be wrong.



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Hi Fernando.

I know in a general sense what is not working: there have been changes in Sonic Pi since the latest version of the Atom package was released. This means that currently, it will not be able to successfully send OSC messages to the server.

It looks like @SunderB has made some more recent edits to the plugin code to accommodate these changes, but these have not yet been packaged up into a (pre)release:

hi @rinconf

Maybe give a try to the vscode extension made by @luislloret