Collaborating with SPi over Internet Advice

A couple of us are looking to play live over the internet. I’m fine with sending OSC over a network and getting them to run in sync including latency - so I don’t need advice on that. More conceptually what to do with it.

So in two separate locations, both running over Zoom, there’s two latencies to deal with - the ‘OSC loop’ and the ‘audio loop’. I’m thinking that there might be some pattern that means both parties get an audio experience that is fully in sync.

Something like ninJam does this an interesting way, I won’t describe it all here, but in short everyone hears their own playing over everyone else’s previous bar. Perfect sync.

Recently the BBC Radiophonic workshop did something that used the latency rather than tried to minimise it - described as like a long tape loop going round to five houses.

Before I go and lie down in a quiet room, has anyone done this?

Have a look at Troop :
“Troop is a real-time collaborative tool that enables group live coding within the same document across multiple computers. Hypothetically Troop can talk to any interpreter that can take input as a string from the command line but it is already configured to work with live coding languages FoxDot, TidalCycles, and SuperCollider
It started supporting Sonic Pi as well


Thank you that looks like a good start, simpler than my germ of an idea as the audio is being made at each location so no sync problems at all really. Could end up with lots of argy-bargy over who does what. Bit like being a band :smiley: