Stream sonic pi audio over Zoom

Hello. I am giving a presentation on Sonic Pi in two days which was moved online through Zoom due to Covid 19. I tested out a screenshare + audio yesterday and though audio from things like youtube are working, it’s not picking up the Sonic Pi audio.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered the same situation and what you used to get around it. This will be on a Mac with the latest Sonic Pi. I have eyeballed Soundflower as a possible way to hook up directing the audio to Zoom, which I can see listed as an “audio device” in the Audio MIDI Setup, but I haven’t tested it out yet.

My fallback at the moment is just going to be to turn down the zoom audio volume and then point speakers back at my computer, but I am sure there is a more elegant solution :slight_smile:

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

Hi there,

I haven’t tried with macOS yet, but I can confirm that I was able to stream audio from Sonic Pi on Windows using Zoom.

It will be nice to figure out a decent solution for macOS so when I get chance I’ll take a look - but if anyone else finds a solution please do share it here.

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A coworker just tested it on her Windows laptop and we confirmed that’s working. I will borrow her computer for the presentation as a backup! It will be interesting to know if this is a common issue for Mac or if it’s just something specific to my setup.


When you’re setting up your zoom screenshare, you have to share your “Desktop” in order to get the audio. I had previously been trying to share only the Sonic Pi window. Hooray! Thanks for your help, and thanks for building cool software :slight_smile:

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I recently had to set this up in linux.

If you are using Jack, you can use qJackControl to pipe the output from your system into the input (normally your mic), so that desktop audio broadcasts to the receiver.

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Was this working on Windows or Mac? I’ve tried this with Mac and I haven’t gotten it to work.

Hi @carltesta . I got it working on Mac. I checked “Share computer sound” and selected “Desktop 1.” If you select your Sonic Pi application from the list of possible zoom sharing options the audio will not work.

I just tried this again after restarting my computer and it still doesn’t work. I’m testing it by recording the session in Zoom and then starting screen sharing of Desktop 1 with “share computer sound” checked. What sample rate and bit depth do you have your built-in audio setup running at?

Bummer. :frowning:
I can see that I have a ZoomAudioDevice listed in my MIDI Setup, although I don’t remember if I added that while trying to figure out Sonic Pi stuff months ago or if Zoom added it.

ZoomAudioDevice input and output both set to
Source default
Format 48000 Hz, 2 ch 32-bit float

Built-in Output
Internal speakers
Format 44,100 Hz 2ch 24-bit integer

I’m not sure if that’s the information you are after or not? My coworkers and I realized recently that there is also a share “music or computer sound only” option in Zoom you might try as well. It wasn’t an option for me back when I asked this question, because I was joining a meeting that I wasn’t the host / co-host of, but I can see it in my own Zoom meeting now:

I’m curious about the ZoomAudioDevice. Are you using ZoomAudioDevice as your default audio input? I have that as well but I’m not sure how it works exactly.

I doubt that it’s my default audio input overall, although it must be when Zoom is on. I don’t think that I configured it or messed around with it at all. Sorry that I can’t be of more help :frowning: