Audio Doesn't Work Over Discord

I can screenshare the sonic pi app over discord, but the viewers can’t hear audio from the application. I can share chrome for movies, and the audio goes through fine, so I don’t think it’s a discord issue, or a “sharing the wrong screen” issue. Anyone know a fix for this, or is there a plan to address this?

I would love to do shows through discord, and having that capability opens a whole new avenue of performance. It is super frustrating that it doesn’t currently work. Did a bunch of googling but didn’t find any real answers.

Thanks for any input!

Proof I’m sharing the application, and not just the screen. Also, just downloaded the newest version sometimes this week. I’m on Version v4.1.0


  1. Install Voicemeeter Potato

Virtual inputs

We have to set Sonic Pi to send to “virtual inputs”

You have to choose between 3 virtual inputs. Their corresponding name are a bit a mess :slight_smile:

  1. Voicemeeter VAIO
  2. Voicemeeter AUX
  3. (Voicemeeter) VAIO

Ok so i decide to set to voicemeeter VAIO



Launch Sonic Pi

Sonic Pi will send its audio to Voicemeeter VAIO input

Physical outputs in voicemeeter

In voicemeeter, you have got some physical outputs A1, A2, A3, A4, A5


We need to set the A1 to the audio card plugged to our headphones

For me it’s an external audio card Yamaha Steinberg USB

Virtual outputs in voicemeeter

virtual outputs named B1, B2,B3

Again the names are not easy to identify


3 outputs starting with VoiceMeeter

  • VoiceMeeter VAIO3 Output
  • VoiceMeeter Output
  • VoiceMeeter Aux Output


Into Discord

The B1 virtual output will be used as an input into Discord (Périphérique d’Entrée in French)


The output

use a usb microphone to record your voice

I plugged an Zoom H2 recorder into an usb port

Note that this stream is sent to A1 (my physical audiocard) and B1 (Discord).


This should work for you. So you can stream sonic pi via Discord.
if you see an error or need explanation feel free to join the conversation
Good luck


if you want to test the result, cmlp. Maybe i will be en direct :slight_smile:

I can try that. But seems super complicated for such a simple ask.

Thanks though! Maybe its possible to add discord support at one point?

Also, I just realized. is this going to take over my input on my mic so i have fuck with my mic setting every time I wanna switch up and play with sonic pi? Maybe I dont fully understand, and have to try it, but it seems thats what is impied with the voice set up. And that is too much set up when I use discord every day for streaming. I dont wanna take an hour switching settings every time I wanna show a friend a little doodle in a call lol.

I just want to share the screen, like I would a video game in discord, and have that audio be separate from my voice input, so I don’t have to mess with mic settings all the time. If that isn’t possible, then I think it should be at some point.

I’v tried voicemeeter couple of times, but never got it really working. There are couple of other tools I havent yet tried, but for example this one looks promising: p-rivero/DiscordAudioStream: Windows utility for streaming (with audio!) in Discord. Easily share the the audio of entire screen, or even use OBS for streaming! (

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You can easily skip between your audio default ouput and the voicemetter output.
You can save many configurations into voicemeeter