Sonic Pi won´t open on Rasbian

Hey All!
Just read about sonic pi yesterday and played already a bit with it on my macbook. Since I want to realize a project with a raspberry pi I bought a raspberry pi 3 A+ today and installed sonic pi. But I just see the opening window and then nothing happens. Sometimes the whole system crashes or the opening window just disappears. I installed Rasbian today and did the update and upgrade thing… Any hints?

If you used ’ sudo apt install ’ with no luck then try

I know it works with 3B+ …
Also you may need

I think there is insufficient RAM on a 3A+ to run Sonic Pi reliably. It really needs 1Mb min. As @hitsware says it will run on a 3B+ but you will get best response from a Pi 4 model.

Ah, thanks for the replies! I did not thought about that the raspberry pi A+ is not fast enough for sonic pi. But I also did not install it with the terminal, instead I used this app that was showing several programs that you can install directly from there on the Pi. Maybe I will try the terminal way. But when it is because of the Pi 3 A+, that can also be the reason that Pure Data is a bit glitchy? For examples I hear crackling sounds when I make a signal louder with a *~ object? Anyone has experience with that?