Sonic Pi will not load past welcome screen?

I’ve just got Sonic Pi 3.1.0 on my Windows 10 Home. When I open Sonic Pi, the welcome screen just stays there doing nothing. If I click it after around 10 seconds, Sonic Pi completely closes. Clicking at an earlier time makes it not respond. It also still runs in my background, is any help available for this please? I have tried rebooting my PC.

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I have had this problem as well. What I generally do to make it start is:

  • Close all other programs
  • Open it
  • Leave my computer (don’t click on anything)
  • Go and have a cup of tea
  • Come back
  • Code some music

It has to load a lot of samples, so that sometimes takes a while, especially if you have a slow computer (which I do).

Alright, I will try this.

Did you solved your problem?

Yes I did, just a simple restart helped the problem (after alot of restarts)

Just leaving this here as a breadcrumb: I found that Sonic Pi on my MacBook running Mojave would stick at the startup screen if I had my bluetooth headphones connected. I believe this is because somehow ports are being used that Sonic Pi wants to use.

@PiEaterAndPlayer - just to clarify, your issue is different to the original post re Windows 10 above. The problem with MacOS and bluetooth is described here for example:

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