Sonic Pi v3 for Windows

When the official version is scheduled for windows ?


Hi @fractalmind :slight_smile:

v3 for Windows is still in development and will be officially released when I’m completely satisfied it’s fully working and ready. There are still a number of elements to polish at this stage.

I’m hoping to make the release within a month or so. However…

If you’re desperate to get your hands on an early beta version (which is pretty much fully working) you can do so by signing up as a patron supporter on the Patreon site.

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How does a patreon supporter access the early beta version? Also, I noticed you mention that Patreon supporters should see a badge here - how does that work? Does this forum match the email addresses? I’m not sure mine is showing up (not that I’m that worried… I was just wondering).
Thanks, Glenn.

Hi @glennbroadway - thanks so much for becoming a Patreon supporter!

You’re all badged up now and you can get hold of the v3 beta here:

Hi everyone,

just a quick message to say that the upcoming Windows v3 release is coming along nicely. If you’re keen on having a try, you can grab hold of a fresh copy over on Patreon:

Thanks also to all the wonderful patrons on here for supporting continued development. Sonic Pi won’t be able to continue without you :slight_smile:

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