Sonic pi reaper with loopback is multi track audio possible?

hi all, I hope your well thanks for your help so far :slight_smile:

I want to use loopback on Mac os10 to take sonic pi in to reaper to do multi track recording. For example write a bass drums and leed in sonic pi and take all of those in to separate tracks in reaper to record them at the same time is this possible? and what approaches are you all using to take sonic pi to reaper or any daw with loopback your help and advice would be most welcome thanks again all :slight_smile:

Sonic Pi has built-in midi and osc support, so that would be a good place to start. I’m not sure how to set it up in reaper, but I would go with separate midi ports for each track.

You can also look at the sound_out FX which can enable you to route audio generated within the FX block to any output on your sound card. It may be possible to use virtual audio ports to allow you to link the audio to your DAW. However, this isn’t something I’ve tried before.

I have done this before sending audio from Sonic Pi to Ableton via Loopback. The steps that worked for me are:

  1. In Loopback create a new virtual device. Set Sonic Pi as the source. In the Channel Mapping section, select “Manual” and add the number of channels you would like to use.

  2. In your DAW, set your newly created Loopback device as the audio input. Create the individual tracks you need, and assign them to different channels.

  3. Before opening Sonic Pi, in system preferences select your Loopback device as the sound output device.

4.In Sonic Pi, use the sound_out or sound_out_stereo FX block to route your audio out of Sonic Pi. Assign specific channels using the output: opt.

Below is a simple example:

live_loop :one do
  with_fx :sound_out, output: 1 do
    sample :bd_808
    sleep 1

live_loop :two do
  with_fx :sound_out, output: 2 do
    sleep 1
    sample :elec_mid_snare
    sleep 1

hi wheres the manual setting you told me to change I can’t find it :frowning: thanks for all your help.

hi @mattholamieux I made the loop back device I set it to the system default I’m using a screen reeder and when I changed it to the loopback device all sound stopped why is this?

In Loopback you should find “Channel Mapping” options. This is where you can select “Manual” and add the number of tracks you want.

This is how I have my settings in Loopback:

I’m not sure I completely understand the issue. Having never used a screen reader, I’m not sure how it would impact the workflow I described above. If it’s helpful, I can make a short screenshot video outlining the steps I use to get audio from Sonic Pi to my DAW with Loopback.

Hi @mattholamieux - granted I am not an expert on such matters - so I may be wrong, but as far as I know, screen readers can not extract text from an image or video directly; only through the alt tag.

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hi everyone I’m using the voice over screen reeder which reeds the screen to me with text to speech. I solved the problem I added the computer speakers to the virtual device as a monitor in loopback. thanks for your help so far every one.


Glad you got it working!