Multi track drums with sonic pi for post processing?

Hi everyone thanks for your help so far, I’m running a bater version of sonic pi on Mac os10. I want to wright my drums with sonic pi and have each drum sound as a wav file for post processing. In reaper, what’s the best way of doing this is making a virtual device with loopback and setting up reaper yo record from the virtual device the only way of doing this? Or could I just record each drum sound separately with audio hijack 3? And if I used audio hijack 3 would my sounds be out of time when I loaded them in to reaper?

Your help and thoughts would be really helpful, this is a big stumbling block for me. Thanks for your help everyone :slight_smile:

is there any other way to get separate stems from sonic with out using loopback?

I’m not entirely such what kind of workflow you are talking about. Do you want to create sounds in Sonic Pi and use them elsewhere, or make sounds elsewhere and use them in Sonic Pi?

Sonic Pi lets you load external samples really easily with the load_samples command. Just point at a directory and tell it to play file no. 1, or by name. The samples have to be done in .wav

If you want to make sounds with Sonic Pi, you could make it play with 2-second intervals while using the Record feature (it’s next to the play button) and cut it out in your audio-editor of choice.

If you want to control an external program which plays your drums, Sonic Pi supports midi and OSC.

hi man thanks for your reply? I want to make sounds in sonic pi and use them els ware how would the gap of 2 second intervals work with drum programming if there are several sounds playing at the same time??

I process I had in mind was to take each of the sounds you made and play them one at a time while recording them. Say you have made a kick drum and a snare drum. I would press the record button and make a program which plays the kick drum (and only the kick drum), waits for 2 seconds, and then plays the snare drum. Once both sounds have played, you stop the recording.

Then you take this sound snippet you recorded in sonic pi and use that to cut out each drum and save them in separate files using something like Audacity. Once you have an audio file for each sound you made, you load those into your program of choice and use them like any other sample.

You might be wanting to use the audio out plugin in Sonic-Pi. You have 16 Outputs to work with. You can pair them up and send them to reaper. They’ll be in time with each other but on independent channels.

I’ve been using sound_out_stereo in with_fx to do this to a DAW. However, it also means some setup on both ends and using OSC commands to set the DAW BPM, arm everything and start recording or obviously things get out of sync.

Where can I find reference to audio_out ? I’ve seen it but can’t find it in the Lang. I’ve searched the forum but it’s also a search term that brings up way more than this. And @kniknoo - you mention it is a ‘plugin’ for Sonic Pi - do you mean it’s something extra to install? A code file to require? Or just that’s it a param of something else? I can’t seem to find it.