Editable sources for record button

I’m using an external midi synth (vst3) which sounds are not recorded in SonicPI.

I didn’t find any setting to be able to choose where SonicPI is recording from.

There’s the possibility of record from “stereomix”, i’m using in audacity for this recording now.

I would be pleased if there could be the option to select the apps/sources from which will be written to file when starting to record in SonicPI :slight_smile:


Few ideas that may help you.
you have to use live_audio and input.
this post may help you (or not)

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yeah, thanks man.
but this is simply another kind of work-around with a 3rd party tool.
i’m doing this right now, but with another toolchain. the result should be the same.

my question/request is to enable sonicpi to reach this without any other tool.

If there isn’t already a method for doing this, I’m sure Sam would be interested in
adding it in somewhere along the liine. However, there are an probably an awful lot
of other things he (wants,needs).choose to add beforehand.

Patience is a virtue.


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Hi there,

Sonic Pi’s record button only records the stereo audio output the Sonic Pi generates. Note that this means there is no “source” option - it’s always set to Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

Providing means to access the audio from other apps is beyond the scope of Sonic Pi - this would require OS-level audio routing and likely admin permissions on macOS to run kernel-level code.

As @nlb rightly mentions, you can bring in external channels of audio from the sound card via live_audio, so if you can route your audio there, then you can bring it in to mix with Sonic Pi. Ideally all operating systems would provide a flexible audio routing tool such as pipe wire, but sadly that’s not the case today.

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