Sonic pi possibilities

Hello hello everyone!
Pretty new to sonic pi only discovered it last week or 2 thereabouts.
So I’m a Dj and also a software developer.

I’ve got a question to ask, is it possible to have an already produced or existing song(regular songs we listen to) run in the sonic pi program. As I see that it’s mostly for making melodies…

Hello @Geekiedj ,

First of all welcome to our family :slight_smile:

If you are talking about is it possible to play wav or mp3 files on Sonic Pi, ofcourse it is. You can play and manipulate your local files. It support WAV, AIFF or FLAC file on your computer, only it doesnt support MP3 files.
You can do that with this code:

# Raspberry Pi, Mac, Linux
sample "/Users/sam/Desktop/my-sound.wav"
# Windows
sample "C:/Users/sam/Desktop/my-sound.wav"

You should take a look Sonic Pi Tutorial. There is lot more information about what can you do with samples.

Im also DJ-Producer and trying to become a Software Tester some day :slight_smile: For example, most of time I code, first I make my samples on Ableton Live and than call it and manipulate it on Sonic Pi.

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Interesting! Now I’m super geeked about this. Thank you so much. So I have to put in mind it accepts wav not mp3.


I’d also look into the tutorial you shared. It should get me started properly cos I’ve been reading the docs.

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Wow! I’m having ideas of playing around with a few of my favorite songs and adding the sonic pi touch.