Can't hear external samples


I tried to import an external sample called “test.flac”, but I can’t hear anything.

Sonic Pi seems to recognize the file and the internal sounds in Sonic Pi work just fine (see attached screenshot).

I am using Linux Mint.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Have you checked the sample is ok? Can you play it with audacity for example.

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Thanks for the quick feedback.

The audio sample was ok. The issue seems to be related to the file format.

When I use .wav files, it works. But the original file was a .flac file, which didn’t work inside Sonic Pi.

I thought it would/should work, because that file format is mentioned in the tutorial.

.flac samples should work since SPversion 2.1 Their main advantage is a size reduction. However there is nothing inherenetly wrong in using .wav samples, and Sonic Pi still saves recordings in .wav format.
I have often covnerted samples from various other formats, and I find that audacity is very reliable in producing .flac samples. I don’t know how you produced your sample, but worth exsperimenting further in its production.

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I used a linux app called sound recorder to record something from my mic.

I guess I will try out a few different apps. But for now, wav files work fine. And i could always convert.