External sample - not working

Hi there, I’m using Sonic Pi on Windows7 and have the following problem:
I want to start working on a new project but Sonic Pi gives me a “thread death” when I try to call an external sample. The thing is that I’ve already worked with external samples and everything went nicely. Can you find the mistake? (I attached a screenshots)

Many thanks!

Hi @ann,

this should work. Does it work with other/any samples?
Just a guess: Have you tested replacing the Umlaut in the filename with ‘oe’?

I’d guess it’s the ö, or maybe there is something wrong with the .wav file.

Thank you, it was the ö. Now it’s working.

Great that things have been resolved. However please not that this topic is for introductions and stories rather than support. Please use the appropriate category so that the forums continue to be easy to navigate and search.

(I have now moved this conversation to the correct category :slight_smile: )

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