Sonic Pi IMGui Editor

Hi @samaaron,

This morning I compiled Sonic Pi from source on the latest PopOS distro. While doing so, I discovered an editor I had never seen before based on the IMGui library. What are the plans for this experimental editor? Is it some sort of test platform for you when working on dev things?

Hi Bubo,

the IMGui editor is currently experimental and was built as part of the recent C++ API refactoring work by Chris Maughan. Its primary goal was to ensure that the new API could be used via multiple targets and this is how it is used today. However, if there’s interest in taking it into new directions, it serves as an excellent starting point!

Yes, I’m always searching ways to configure my own code editor for playing with Sonic Pi. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to set something up with my editor of choice (Vim/Neovim, etc…). I was hoping to find hints in there as to how to do this.

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