Sonic Pi broadcast orchestra

Her are two videos showing my latest version of the Sonic Pi broadcast Orchestra, In the first, 8 computers play scales with each one contributing a single note, showing how well the integration works. In the second a piece of Bach is played by the ensemble. I hope to publish an article soon explaining how the whole thing works.


Excellent work! Seamless rendition of the badinerie.

Good morning @robin.newman

Congratulations !
it’s a bit dizzying installation :slight_smile: It can be very inspiring for audio art installation. several rpi with their own speakers, it opens many ideas.
Some code without explanation at the moment available somewhere ?

Amazing, so many screens and Pis and everthing working seamlessly together. Did you perceive any variance in latency, or, is it indistinguishable from running on one computer?

Also, I am thinking about what it means for art productions. A possible question is at what distance inside a building can you put the Pis and still get the impression of an ensemble playing together? How will it sound to the audience? Already Gustav Mahler has experimented with placing musicians far away and let them approach the orchestra hall while playing in order to get new effects in how music is perceived.

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I hope to do an article about this project, with full code disclosure. It arose out of earlier work I had done with fewer machines. The aim here was to make it easy to set up, so accommodate different types of computer, to incorporate a mechanism to adjust for differing latencies. At present I have a a repertoire of some 15 different files that can be played (including the two in the videos). These have mostly been converted from existing pieces I have done for a single machine. I like the spatial separation of the parts that the technique allows. (I have machines arranged in a semi arc around where I sit. It would be nice to be right in the middle, but my room doesn’t allow for this. I liken it to being a member of an orchestra, (I have played the violin in several) where you get a different perspective to being out front with the audience.