Sonic PI 3.2.2 deb file for Raspbian released

Works with P4, P3 and (sluggishly) P2.


so for now what do you suggest as method to install on a linux system ? The whole setup has changed radically since the 3.2 version. Do you think your script to install on ubuntu is still the way to go or absolutely not ?
Thanks for a yes or no :slightly_smiling_face:

The built in scripts and do most of the hard grunt for you. (As at 3.2.2 release tag. They are run from within sonic-pi/app/gui/qt folder and produce a folder named build in the same location. You then enter that folder and type. cmake — build .
(That is two - together after cmake)
You have to install all the dependencies first and in the case of Ubuntu 18.04.4 build supercollider and sc3-plug-ins as well. You also need to use a more up to date cmake for Ubuntu 18.04.4 as well. I installed 3.16.5 from (downloaded and ran the script, then copied the cmake binary into /usr/local/bin)

I’ll try and write up the dependencies to install when I have time.

Incidentally SunderB has an updated LINUX script as a pull request at

Update with instructions on using the new CMake build system #2311
on the sonic pi github repository site. If you have a look at the proposed file this will help you.

Thanks a lot for your feedbacks about install under linux (which is off topic from the initial topic)
ok i didn’t follow the github activity…
So great news !

so let’s have a try soon.

Great, Thanks Robin, much appreciated - I will try this.

Thanks @robin.newman. I have install sonic with your .deb, that work well !

Great. Glad its working OK for you.