Snapshot Visualiser as OSC Message

I had short chat with Sam regarding this topic of sending OSC message that represent Visualiser of Sonic Pi. Kind of like FFT or other form of array of values that can rapidly send out OSC message that can be used with other app that listens to OSC.

I wonder what Sam means by being able to send “snapshot” of values.

Does anyone ever have experiment in this regards?

If it is not related to Visualiser, I am wondering what “value” Sonic Pi artists usually use to trigger or make animation on another app?

@enzyme69 I’m not completely sure when I talked about value ‘snapshots’ - but I almost certainly referred to the idea of aggregating the FFT data for a given time window as series of values via OSC. SuperCollider (the underlying synthesis engine that Sonic Pi uses) already has support for extracting FFT data - I just need to create a simple way of working with it and giving users access to the values (so they can then either use them in their compositions or send them out via OSC).

Unfortunately I’m currently overloaded both finalising and polishing v3 for Windows and desperately trying to figure out how I can fund further development and feed three kids. Hopefully I’ll get there, and then I can start working on some FFT/OSC prototypes :slight_smile:

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