Sine waves & Circles ~ Greetings from Vancouver

I’m keen on music and physics, octave doubling, the harmonic series and our counting numbers … so thrilled to be able to call up specific sets of frequencies and listen to them sing and/or holler at each other (and watch it all play out on five scopes).

I’ve got a couple new-to-coding questions already but I’m going to try and file them in their proper place …

Thanks Sam.

I look forward,


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Welcome Joel

To whet your appetite you may like to look at the thread Lissajous figures and Harmonographs

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Now I know I’m on track! I own that book and a couple more by the same publisher (Wooden Books): Essential Elements (Atoms, Quarks & the Periodic Table) & Li (Dynamic Form in Nature). They are all very sweet, comprehensive yet brief books on patterns in nature.

I look forward to a deep dive on the archives here. Thanks for the tip!