Sam Aaron talk at RubyConf2017 (Nov 15th 2017)

Unfortunately the sound quality on the livestream is poor (there’s a buzzing) but Sam’s Rubyconf 2017 talk is available at . You’ll have to find his talk by scrubbing - he’s the first talk of the day. (Timestamps in the stream appear to be relative to the current time, which is still live so linking won’t work.) I ope there will eventually be a better quality version available (I hope so) but if you’re chomping at the bit to there it is :wink:

edit: apparently that particular video was only available while the event was still live streaming. Conffreaks should have Sam’s talk available soon though…

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Do you have another link? I get a “This video is unavailable” when I follow that one.


Unfortunately the video was only available as part of the conference live feed. Now that the event is over the video has been taken offline.
Fortunately, the video is in post-processing and will likely be available from in the next few days.

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Great! Thanks for the update!

It looks like they’ve put the videos up from that event.


Watched it yesterday. Such a powerful distillation of the @samaaron approach to learning, coding, and musicking!
In some ways, Sam is our Shiffman:

As we all agree, it’s really too bad about the sound quality.
But maybe Sam could record his own version. Maybe with older people and kids coding together. There’s some cool stuff available already, including Live & Coding and Sam’s TEDx. But there’s room for this one video which combines most of these ideas and demos. Ideally, it should require fairly little work on Sam’s part (apart from delivering the spiel). But it could be a neat project for people who learn about video editing and such.
In fact, someone might even pull it off by splicing available content together (and cleaning up the audio from this one). Anyone has audio restoration software like iZotope stuff? :wink: