Sam Aaron discusses Sonic Pi on the Elixir Newbie Podcast

It was a delight to chat with Brooklin Myers and Jon Valdivia on the Elixir Newbie podcast.

We discussed Sonic Pi, its focus on education, my history learning programming, and the new focus on Elixir as a core programming language for future functionality.

This was a really nice conversation which should be accessible to those both with or without a technical background. Enjoy!

Podcast · Elixir Newbie


This is a great listen. Gets you buzzing about the potential of Sonic Pi and its use as a truly creative instrument. One that I have thoroughly enjoyed using since the very first version.

Thanks for listening and for your kind words Robin. You have been such a wonderful inspirational figure shining a light of what’s possible for this community from the first pre-release versions of Sonic Pi on the Raspberry Pi to today’s release. Thank-you!

Enjoyed it. Sounds like you’re at an important point in your journey as a creator and we keep benefiting from that. As usual, we keep hoping the financials will improve for you personally and for SPi as a project. Patronage and workshops/performances are part of that equation. There could be other parts. Including government funding for the arts, and/or academic endeavours.

Otherwise, your brief discussion of Elixir (and Erlang) got me thinking, yet again, about options for creative coding across platforms. You’ve mentioned mobile devices in passing. I realize their restrictions may make things difficult. Yet I dream about using some kind of live coding module in my AUv3-based setup. Like an extension of Bram Bos’s Mozaik into realtime coding.

There are multiple options to bring cool things to an iPad. Faust is one that I find truly fascinating and quite underrated. (Before Cycling ‘74 announced RNBO, I thought/hoped it’d be closer to Faust.) There’s some Pd support on iPadOS. Even good ol’ Csound could help.

Another direction would be something like p5js, which I really enjoy and does more for sound and music than meets the ear.