Sonic-pi + Ruby: audio analysis (lilypond, spotifyr)

Apologies this may not be in the right category, I’ve just stumbled upon this blog that’s seemingly achieved several of my wildest dreams… and for once it’s not on in_thread or rbnrpi!

I’ve tried to find related but there’s a couple of elements and … this is going to require further research. Currently almost all this is outside my skillset, but maybe someone here will be able to do something with if (if nothing related already attempted)

Coding Like a Lawyer: Learning to Programme Can Be Useful (and Fun) for Curating Legal Knowledge? – Birmingham Law School Research Blog (

TlDr this blog mentions a couple of amazing things you can do with SP and FOSS friends … but not HOW!

🤯factor : 100!

Sharing for awesomeness, and assistance, if any available!


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Hi, Jonny, I have subscribed in_thread discussion summaries sent to my email which leads me to this thread. I am actually the author of the blog piece kindly shared by you here.

I have been experimenting with various FOSS tools related to music making, and Sonic Pi is one of my top favorites! I am self-taught programmer (with no formal training in CS or other STEM subjects) and constantly get stuck in the so-called “tutorial purgatory” :slight_smile: I came across Sonic Pi via Raspberry Pi and I have been learning it on and off for a while.

Following the above blog piece, here is a piece reflecting on the use of Sonic Pi for co-coding Pachelbel’s Canon with three music and law undergraduate students (who had little programming experience before) in the past summer from our college: Sonic Canon (It is a byproduct from my music copyright law research, which is still ongoing. There are a lot more to be puzzled out by trial and error on my side). Again, I am thankful to developers of Sonic Pi, whose potential seems to be unlimited…

Finally, you are right that I need to write more about HOW I learn and use these FOSS tools. I feel guilty of being dilatory in doing this (especially when the university workload is heavy during teaching terms). I have shared some code with explanatory notes on my own site, but I need to write more on these tools (covering sonic pi, lilypond and emacs lisp…) in the future.

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