Problems recording the screen in Debian while livecoding in Sonic Pi

I want to record my screen, with the sound of the laptop, while I make livecoding with Sonic Pi in Debian 9. I have tried to do it with SimpleScreenRecorder but or sound is not recorded or only I get a black.
Any advice?



Hi @rubent,

it is some time ago that I worked with record my screen (but I had always some sort of issue with it). You might wanna give simplescreenrecorder a try. I have made very positive experiences using it. It is well performing and you can set it up in order to record sound using Jack (which might be the problem with record my screen).

Hi Ruben
This is one of the most frequently asked sound questions for linux, for recording programs, not only Sonic Pi. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer. Most that I have looked at suggest utilising the alsa snd-aloop module which you can launch using and appears as an extra device when configuring jackd, with qjackctl for example. I have looked at various examples of this e.g. here but have not managed to get anything working. I find it a difficult system to fathom!!
Other answers suggest using pulseaudio instead of alsa, but this is not possible with Sonic Pi.
I wish you luck in your searching. Personally, although I use Sonic Pi on Ubuntu, I always use a Mac when I want to record Sonic Pi, and I use an excellent loopback device by RogueAmoeba to do this, based on the older free SoundFlower program. Not much help to you I guess, but if you have access to a Mac…

@robin.newman, I think this is a bit to pessimistic :wink: My live coding videos on Youtube have all been done with the mentioned simplescreenrecorder. No performance issues and capturing Jack is just a matter of setup. So no need to buy a Mac for that, I guess…

That’s great Martin. If you could post full setup details that would be of interest. I also played with this to try and capture sonic-pi audio to drive a processing visualiser, but could get that to work. The minim package used was hard configured to use the default input device.

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Just choose Jack on the second screen after starting simplescreenrecorder (of course you will have started Jack before that):

Wow Tried it on my Ubuntu and it worked! Simple as that. Thanks Martin. :smiley:

@robin.newman: You are very welcome! Glad it did also work for you.

Thanks a lot @Martin!!!
It worked perfectly! How simple it is and how hard it seems if someone does not tell you!

and thanks @robin.newman for your interest .

You are welcome. Once I found this out it was also for me a relief to get rid of this hassle …

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