How to enable virtual or internal audio for screencasting

I teach two sections of Music Tech at my 4-8 grade STEAM academy and would love to incorporate music coding in our curriculum. As an assessment tool, I would like my students to be able to do a screencast of their live coding for their peers to evaluate, learn from, post on social media, etc, but I can’t figure how to set up the audio preferences with Sonic Pi so that they can hear and see their screencast. I’ve tried using Loopback 2 (previously Soundflower) for virtual/internal audio recording, but I’m still unable to hear anything on my screencast videos. I am using Sonic Pi v3.1 on a Mac, and have tried screen capturing with Loom (a Chrome add-on), and QuickTime with and without Loopback2 with no success. The built in audio recording option is excellent, but again, I’d love to have my students share the visual aspects of live coding, with the audio.

For the videos I make on my MacBook with sp I use audio hijack to capture the built in mike and sonic pi output and feed them into capto which I use for doing the recording.

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There is a new open source virtual audio drive: