Polyphony project v0.4.0

Hi all :blush: v0.4.0 of Polyphony is out!


For users, setup has been simplified: load and run!

Next Steps:

  • develop musical ideas further by experimenting with Markov chains
  • build a web app to make changing settings and customising motifs easier
  • write a thorough testing module
  • log extensively with log files

Lots to do!


Here’s a little piece for winds, vibraphones, and pianos :musical_note:


You can now navigate the code on GitHub by hovering over methods, modules, and classes!

:cherry_blossom: :dolphin:


Actually it is a pitty that I do not have the synth setup as you have. I would like to use the full potential of this great work. Maybe I’ll buy some equipment? :smiley:

If you have use for instruments in other projects, it could be a good investment! :smiley: In this piece, I’m using the Steinway Model D from Modartt’s Pianoteq Stage, and the solo winds and vibraphone from Spitfire Audio’s BBCSO Core. I also use the strings sections from BBCSO, but after listening to them a lot, I actually find the high staccatos a bit too harsh for my liking.

I plan to buy Native Instrument’s Cremona Quartet next. Watching some reviews tonight.

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