Playing code through DAW

Hi There :

I’m new on Sonic Pi,

i’ve already read “Quick Start” tutorial and

"Creative programming workshop with Sonic Pi ".

Am not figured out, how can i to play my code through a DAW ?,

and set it up into multiple channels for especific synths ?

I use Reason 7,and it supports several midi control messages;

i’d like to send it too,while code is playing.

Can someone write me the code for it ?

Thank you in advance !

Hey, welcome!

You should be able to send midi to a DAW using this code:

#Sending midi with Sonic Pi

live_loop :channel1 do
  midi 62, channel: 1
  sleep 0.5

live_loop :channel2 do
  midi 74, channel: 2
  sleep 0.75

I´m using Sonic Pi as a sequencer for Ableton live and Reaktor and it works fine.
When using it with Ableton, I have to open Ableton first, then Sonic Pi for the midi connection to work.

Also check the ‘language’ documentation on midi in the help section of Sonic Pi.


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Hi Gisbert:

Thank you very much !
I was using a similar program before called “ChucK”,
but this one is much more affordable.

I’ll try as you said.

Best regards !

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Well, I´m also still a newbie in this forum…
Good luck!