Sending a midi note to ableton also plays the note with the built in sonic pi piano synth

Hey there, im pretty new to sonic pi so the solution to this is very likely super simple, but i cant figure it out.
Im trying to send notes to a vst running in ableton via midi play (note), channel: 1
Sending the midi note is working and the note is playing on my vst, but its also playing on the standard sonic pi piano synth for whatever reason. i cant get it to stop and im not even using use_synth or anything in my code. Running v3.3.1 on Windows 10
would greatly appreciate help as this is annoying as hell, thank you

Hi emil
You don’t want the word play. Just use
midi :c4,channel: 1 for example or
midi 72,channel: 1


It is not the built in piano sound provided within sonic pi.
The piano sound comes from the internal midi synth embed into the audio card “microsoft_gs_wavetable_synth_0”.

So to me you need to set the port you want to send your midi note message, not only the channel.


Here loopmidi__01_2 is a midi port created by the software loopMidi.
hope it helps