No Sound in Sonic Pi 4.5 - Raspberry Pi Bookworm

I am new to using Sonic Pi and Raspberry Pi’s - I recently got a Raspberry Pi 4 and I am trying to use Sonic Pi version 4.5. I can hear audio clearly on Youtube or when playing sounds through the terminal, both through Bluetooth and wired connections, but not when I run anything in Sonic Pi. The scope panel seems to be showing that audio is playing.
I’m using the Bookworm OS, I have Audio Input enabled in Sonic Pi, and I have attempted uninstalling and reinstalling Sonic Pi - still no luck. Is there anything I am missing here to get this working?


Edit: I am able to hear if I record something and then listen back, just not through Sonic Pi itself

Hi there and welcome to in-thread. Sorry you are having a little difficulty in getting Sonic Pi 4.5 audio working. In fact it operates a a little differently to previous versions. The new OS uses a system called pipewire for audio distribution, and SP 4.5 has been altered to use this. The down side is that becuase it doesn’t know what your audio setup is, it uses a default connection to the HDMI output for sound, and will work with audio speakers in your monitor. So if you don’t have speakers in your monitor, and are using say a USB output device or a bluetooth speaker, you need to route the audio accordingly. The fact that you can see a visual display on the screen is good news. The .deb installer file (which I produced) installs in addition to Sonic Pi an extra ap called qpwgraph, and you can find this in the Sound and Video section of the main menu. Ii producses a graphical display, with grey rectangular blocks representing the various devices for audio, midi ands video. Audio devices have gfreen inserts by default. Those expecting audio input (like speakers) have connectors on the left hand side, those producing audio (like Sonic Pi’s SuperCollider synth) have audio output connections on the right hand side. You can drag “wires” between these devices to connect them. Initially you may see rather a jumble, but you can drag the icons (by the grey part of the rectangle), to sort them out nicely on the screen.
I have produced a video which goes through the entire installation process, and shows how to configure the audio path for Sonic Pi. It also shows the interaction with the volume control icon on the Pi screen (top right).

Hopefully by viewing the video you can manage to get your Pi4 going with Sonic Pi.

Adjusting the connections in qpwgraph worked perfectly. Thanks so much!