Sonic Pi doesn't make any sound whatsoever

I’m trying to get started on Sonic Pi and I’m going through the tutorial. However, starting with the very first step in the tutorial, I can’t get Sonic Pi to make any sound whatsoever. I’m on Windows 10, using Sonic Pi v3.3.1. The code I’m trying to run is as follows:

# Welcome to Sonic Pi

live_loop :flibble do
  sample :bd_haus, rate: 1
  sleep 0.5

According to the tutorial this is supposed to produce “a nice fast bass drum beating away”. Instead it’s completely silent. I’ve tried using headphones as well as my laptop speakers, but neither one works. I can hear sound through other sources, like watching YouTube videos, just not through Sonic Pi itself. I saw a Sonic Pi for dummies page that said “If you don’t hear any sound when you use Sonic Pi, you probably need to select a different item in the Raspberry Pi Audio Output box.” but it didn’t say what a “Raspberry Pi Audio Output box” is or how I can select items for it. Does anybody know how to get this sound program to actually make sound?

Hi @gmfbrown :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry you’re having issues!
Just to knock one possible cause off the list - did you try to switch between speakers and headphones while Sonic Pi was running?
(It is currently not possible to change audio devices that Sonic Pi use while it is running, although we’d like to be able to allow this in the near future).

The ‘Raspberry Pi Audio Output box’ is not relevant for you, so don’t worry about that :slightly_smiling_face:

Something that would be very helpful is if you can open up an issue ticket on our source code repository’s issues page, briefly explaining this problem again (you can just paste in the details you wrote above if you like):

There’s maybe a few more things we might be able to do to investigate this - I’m happy to continue with it over on an issue over there. (We find it easier to track potential bugs and do in-depth troubleshooting on issues on that page :+1: ).

I originally tried a few times just on my laptop’s speakers. When that didn’t work I tried stopping, plugging in my headphones, and playing again, also resulting in no sound. In response to the above post I have now tried switching between speakers and headphones (in both directions) while playing, but I’m still unable to get any sound.

Note that I mention above that switching between audio devices while Sonic Pi is open (by running, I meant open) does not work :slightly_smiling_face: - in order to do so, you need to close, then change devices, and then reopen Sonic Pi.

Having said that, if even doing that does not work, I am not yet sure why - so let’s troubleshoot this a bit more on a GitHub issue :+1:

Okay, I’ve created a GitHub issue about it.

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