New track "Seccentric Girl"

Hi guys, this is my second track created with Sonic Pi. Its got a chill vibe to it. I am having very much fun exploring the various synths in the software and all of its characteristics. Hope you guys dig the new track, let me know what you think about it.

Here it goes the source code of it.


hi @ttercero

Pleasant and thanks for sharing your code !
Some music thoughts very personal : a bit loud for the part arpegio and repetitive :slight_smile:
maybe a bit too long but it’s up to you !
Keep coding and exploring sonic pi !

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Lovely work - really hypnotic!

Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to hearing what you make next!!

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Hi @nlb, thanks so much for taking the time of listening it, I will take your recommendations, cheers

Hi Sam, thanks so much for listening man, its an honor, thanks for the software, its a work of art. I will keep you guys posted about new tracks, have a nice day, cheers

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I’m new to this but holy cow this is so freakin good


Hey Vikram, thanks so much, Im new to this too and I can tell you its a lot of fun. I invite you to check out the source code of the track and use it as you like.

@ttercero Really love the sequence that enters at the :58 mark !