Mild Dark Mode Pull Request

Happy new year everyone,

I suffer from chronic migraines with light sensitivity and I’ve been struggling with the default color themes in sonic pi. I went ahead and created a draft Pull Request with a working implementation of a much less contrasty dark mode.

There are a bunch of screenshots embedded in the Pull Request:

Thoughts? Comments?

I figured updating the existing Dark mode wouldn’t be appropriate as there are definite use cases when you need a full black background, especially when using the product in an environment where you are projecting the screen you’re working on.



I completely agree and fully support this idea! I don’t get migraines, but both Dark and Light themes are too

for my eyes, so I prefer to use VSCode with “Dracula” theme for development. It would be nice to have a similar theme in SPI.

+1 more color themes, but I’m curious does using some transparency help? it seems like bumping it up about 1/3 to half way makes the whole UI less contrasty, easier on the eyes sometimes.

I took a lot of the colors from the base VS Code Dark+ theme but used them in different places to match the existing Sonic Pi themes better.

I just checked out Dracula, it’s a little much for me, but Dracula Soft is also nice.

Yeah, transparency would be another way to get there, I hadn’t event thought of that. But I did have a compiler :).

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