Is there alternative UI Themes for Sonic Pi? If not I would like to make one, if someone could help me a small bit

Ok so, I have a really hard time with both the two themes, they hurt my eyes. I never use a white theme on any application or website if possible. And the dark theme has bright neon words which hurts even more.

So if there isnt other themes out there, I would really like to add a theme, something much calmer and soothing like this:

Problem is I am a noob at programming, but I have some knowledge.

I went to the github and downloaded the most recent build, but then I read the instructions on everything you need to do to get it up and running and said screw that, haha.

So, if I am not mistaken, the themes are stored here:

The colors are hexidecimal which I know how to use, and I am a artist first. So, lets say I duplicated one of those themes and went through the colors and altered them make a nice theme. What would I have to do to actually finish the thing and be able to use it?

Hi @LuminousDragon,

I’m planning on making theming a feature available to Patreon supporters. I’ve already done all of the groundwork for this and in the next release, it will be possible for supporters to create a special text file which will allow specific colouring of every part of the GUI to be defined.


Oh wow, that is super cool, thanks!

Hi Sam,

There any news about this topic?

If not, how can I help you?


is it possible to change the UI theme?

All the best.

Frankly, it makes no sense to make such a big deal from changing the UI colors. All IDE (for ex. CsoundQt, SuperCollider, Chuck …) have such option. Some children I teach complain about the colors. Alternatively we are using VS Code, but the SonicPi extension there has no hints menu yet.

learn them frustration :slight_smile: it will serve them all their life

Hi @roserg,

we only have three colour themes - standard, dark and high contrast.

Theming Sonic Pi beyond this is only possible by hacking the source code and it’s not something I’ve had the time to make user friendly. However, if others would like to work on this, I’m happy to consider contributions.

I would be happy to contribute.
have noticed it is possible to change the UI using hex color codes directly in the “app.qss”, but where
are the definitions listed in the “app.qss” ( /* Style Colours: - windowColor - windowForegroundColor - paneColor… */) specified?

@roserg AFAIK that is currently all hard-coded here:


however, changing “app.qss” with hex color codes, results in a change of UI colors, everything except the coding window and the code itself.

in fact, by changing “sonicpitheme.cpp” and “sonicpitheme.h” one can easily list/create as many themes as needed; but a few popular ones would be enough.

on the other hand, theming - is another story…

all the best.