Live Performance Tips

I have done a live performance which was basically a talk about Sonic Pi and a quick demonstration of starting a beat and building into a mix. I do a lot of live DJ mixing using traditional Live DJ software like Ableton and Matrix. I want to do a live set in front of about 30 people in a virtual world “club”. I am afraid it just takes to long for me to type in Sonic Pi to develop the mix. I could cut and paste in existing code, but, that seems like cheating. Does anybody have some best practices, tips or tricks to do an interesting Sonic Pi live coding rave that doesn’t seem to drag on and take to long?

Out of interest, why is cutting and pasting existing code cheating?

Don’t traditional DJs play records from other producers?

I don’t know why I feel that way. I press buttons with preselected samples, loops and effects on them when live DJing. I guess it goes back to my feeling that I played a lot as a live musician and I guess I always felt like that I was cheating when I was doing the live looping thing in DAWs too. Really nothing to do with Sonic Pi. I guess that I always like the creative process of creating the sound while doing the coding and wanted the audience to think I was creating it more live by coding on the fly to make it happen rather than using existing code. But, now when I come to think of it … the audience could care less if I am pressing buttons, cutting and pasting code of for that matter coding it on the fly. It is the music that counts for them.

BTW any tips on keeping the energy level up with creating the mix in Sonic Pi?

Quite some time ago I started a thread about this. Might be interesting for you.