I want to progress to be able to perform live coding from scratch in front of a crowd that what to dance and move vs composing mode at home

Hi all
Thoughts about changing the process to get another outcome.
This is not done

Current workflow
I tend to be in just messing around in exploring mode when I do live coding in Sonic pi at home. It takes from 10-90 minuts to create / explorer a track that I’m happy with.
At some point it feels done and then I post here + add some kind of visuals from Hydra usually.

But I want to progress and be able to “perform” live coding from scratch in front of a crowd that what to dance and move.

So I need to change the process to get a different outcome

New workflow => from scratch in front of people who wants to move and dance

I might add a few comments here, purely as an experienced digital music composer/performer, as I am a less experienced programmer.

  1. I find your Sonic Pi compositions very attractive and challenging (aesthetically), and also very informative (technically). I love your work!
  2. Live music performance, in any genre/domain, requires much preparation, but leave some room for - or don’t be dissappointed by - failure, surprise and improvisation.
  3. In my very limited experience of live coding, I have asked myself when ‘rehearsing’: can these 60 lines of code be condensed to 30 - can I get the same or similar sequence or algorithm out of fewer lines of code? Do I need spread + spread + spread? Will rrand work just as well.
  4. Putting predefined functions into other buffers isn’t cheating :wink:
  5. Record your live coding experiments (and please share them), even if they’re not perfect. Pressing record replicates the live performance scenario.
  6. Sam has many live coding videos online.

Sorry to generalise, I guess you’re looking for more practical/technical tips.


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