Linux: SonicPi -> Bitwig

Hey folks! I was recently able to get SonicPi working on my Linux machine, and feeling quite happy about it. But I’m currently stumbling on the next step…

Before switching the Linux, I used to connect my SonicPi to Ableton in order to control its wide array of instruments using SP code. But now that I’m on Linux, the audio/midi set up is so much more complex… Does anyone have experience connecting SP to a DAW on Linux? Bitwig is what I’m using, but really any DAW will do


You just need to choose midi port in Bitwig the same you will use in sonic pi.

Bitwig isn’t detecting any MIDI connections. Are you sure you didn’t have to take any additional steps before seleting the MIDI port in BW?

Not at all :pensive:
I used once Bitwig but was not convinced.
By the way, tell us what linux distribution are you using ? Bitwig version ? Jack ?
Is there a forum dedicated to bitwig on their brand website ?
Screenshots of the preferences in bitwig ?

Do ypu see some midi inputs and ouputs in sonic pi ? Screenshot them.
Good night (from France)

Hey thanks for the reply, and for helping out! Sorry for the late response… Got a little overwhelmed.

Linux Distro: Zorin OS 16.1, an Ubuntu based distro
Bitwig Version: 4.2
Jack Version: 1.9.12
QjackCtl Version: 0.5.0
Dedicated Bitwig Forum: Yes, and it’s a good idea for me to contact them. SonicPi has such a dope community, I just automatically turned here :sweat_smile: but something is showing up in my SonicPi MIDI outputs but not in Bitwig.

SonicPi IO Settings:
SonicPi IO

Bitwig Controllers Settings:


six years, and I still wonder how to connect MIDI with Bitwig in Linux:

So you’re not alone :slight_smile:

this thread recommands to use

So if you are not married with Zorin os, it’s up to you !

Edit : maybe this can help you sudo modprobe snd_virmidi then you have to look for something like that

hope it helps but it’s not very encouraging