USB MIDI to sonic PI

Hi i try to to use the Mininova Synth form Novation with USB to Midi in the sonic pi on Ubuntu Studio 18.04 but i have no idea how to setup it in Jack audio.

Hi @Baschti,

I am probably not able to give a step by step explanation, but I can give some hints. Are you using qjackctl? It might well be, that you’ll need a2jmidi_bridge in order to see the Novation device. My starting script for jack (for my internal sound card) looks like the following:

pulseaudio --kill &
jackd -d alsa --device hw:0 --rate 44100 --period 1024
sleep 3
qjackctl --start &
a2jmidi_bridge &

I then can see all attached devices (e. g. an Arturia Beatstep and an Arturia MKII as well as started softsynths and my Blofeld) in the jack connection window.

Does that help?

Interesting, I didn’t need to run a2jmidi_bridge.

I just start jack with qjackctl, enable midi from sonic-pi IO preferences and:

note, velocity = sync "/midi/keystation_mini_32_midi_1/1/1/note_on"

Well, I am not sure you need the bridge in the mentioned case. But I remember an occasion (I think it was the use of Yoshimi soft synth) where I needed it to make the wanted connetctions. So I thought it might be an option to try out.