Midi problem with sonic pi

Hello to all, I’m new here, I just discovered sonic pi watching an old video (eight months ago) where sonic pi sends midi messages to synthesizer, i installed sonic pi but , if I use an instruction seen in the video, like this one “midi (scale :e1, :minor_pentatonic, num_octaves: 3).choose, sustain: 0.5, channel: 1” ,
I always get this error “undefined method ‘midi’ for Runtime :SonicPiLang”.
What am I doing wrong ?

thank you

Which version of Sonic Pi are you using? The midi command is only available in the latest released version 3.0.1 available for RPi Mac or for Windows PC using a beta release for patreon supporters of Sam Aaron ( or Linux if you build it yourself)

Thanks for the reply , I’m using windows 7.

I do not know patreon , now I inform myself on the internet.



If you support Sam you will get acxcess to the Windows beta for Sonic Pi 3.0.1 which will support midi
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