LA Based SonicPi performers?

Hey folks, I’m going to be putting on a unique festival in LA in the next few months. I’d love to feature live SonicPi sets from folks based in the city (even better if you’re a native Angelino). I don’t want to get to into the details of the festival quite yet, but I will say this is a prototype of a much larger event, so may lead to more live performance opportunities. Paid gig!


hey there! I would love to perform! I have lived in Los Angeles for over twenty years and I’m in the middle of going to school right now! I’ve only recently started getting good at SonicPi, but I am working hard at it every day

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Hey glad that you’re interested! I’ve responded to your DM

hey zir! I live in east LA, and I’m interested. I’m practicing sonic pi every chance I get. How can I learn more about your festivals?

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Hey alxmrs, thanks for the interest, and sorry for the delay. Still in heavy planning phases, but worry not! Things are moving forward. I will post back in this thread once I have links to share. I’ll also DM you!

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