Introduction - Diego

Hello everyone, I’m Diego and I live in Italy.
I’m 30 years old and I’ve been working as a web developer for a few years (before I was working as an Android developer).

Since I was 15 I enjoy making music (maybe noise) with software like Sony Acid Pro, Cubase and Ableton.
Since some time I have discovered Sonic Pi and I believe I have finally found the way to make music that suits me best.

I love electronic music, especially northern European music, but in general I love everything that makes me relax and travel with my mind.

I don’t know what else to add except that I hope to learn soon to exploit the full potential of Sonic Pi.

In addition to producing music I would like to be able to teach children some programming.

So, thanks to all and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

Hi Diego!

I look forward to hearing your voice in these forums and learning about the different things you’ll get up to with Sonic Pi.

I’m sure I speak for everyone here when I say welcome to the Sonic Pi community!

Thank you very much Sam, and thank you for Sonic Pi, it’s amazing!

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