Hi, this is David

Hi this is David.
This is my introduction:

I read about Sonic Pi in 2016. I downloaded it and liked the code-based music making.
I started with live-coding and covers. Recently I’ve been working on Midi-based synths and generative music.
I also uploaded a number of video tutorials to Youtube.
In the near future I want to make more tutorials, as well as finish my midi-synths.
The biggest appeal to me is the code-based approach to music and audio.


HI David. Nice to see you here. Your tutorials were very helpful when I first started learning Sonic Pi, especially since there were so few available on youtube. Since then, I’ve found this forum to be a wealth of information and great place to share new ideas. Looking forward to having you be a part of it.

Hi David, glad to see you in this forum. I enjoy your YouTube video and your blog very much! Lots of useful information. They have helped me a lot since I am beginner in coding.

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