Introducció a Sonic Pi - Sat 28 April - Vilablareix (Spain)

I am doing a 1h Sonic Pi crash-course in Vilablareix (Girona, Spain), heavily based on tutorials.

The course is part of technology event, and the materials (still in progress) are freely available on my github account:


Good luck with the course, let us know if it goes well.


The crash-course I did last Saturday was great!

Around 15 ppl (full house), 50% kids from 10 to 14

I haven’t received much feedback yet, but my impression is that everybody loved it.

The materials worked great. I created a simple reveal.js slideshow I ran from the browser, and was switching back and forth to a second desktop with Sonic Pi

If anybody is interested I can translate the slideshow to english language

Thx @samaaron and team for building such a great thing! :blush::blush:

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Well done in running the course. Cool slideshow. Well done!
I notice you are using Sonic Pi version 2.1 Are you able to upgrade to a later version?

Thx @robin.newman!

I am using Sonic Pi v3.1 on Mac, where did you see v2.1?

I enjoyed reading about this on Twitter as it happened.

Thank-you so much for using Sonic Pi to share the joy of creative coding with others :slight_smile:

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I saw 2.1 on the tutorial screen