About the Events, Workshops & Lessons category

Share the experience of your Sonic Pi lesson/workshop/event.

We love reading, seeing, hearing how you’ve used Sonic Pi to engage groups of people with creative code. Let us also know about upcoming events too!

Do you plan to or have you:

  • used Sonic Pi in your lessons (we particularly love hearing about non-code/music lessons)
  • used Sonic Pi in an after school club (e.g. Code Club)
  • used Sonic Pi in a university setting
  • created/attended a local Sonic Pi/Code group
  • used Sonic Pi with groups of adults of any age
  • or anything that involves Sonic Pi and groups of people!

We’d love to read/hear & see all about what you did and how it went :slight_smile:

Use this category to describe your events. For general conversation with other educators, about the process of planning and running an event along with many more valuable things please see the Educators category