International Conference on Live Coding Madrid 2019

For those who are interested, the ICLC 2019 in Madrid just started. It will be two days of various performances and conferences about live-coding. The YouTube Replay of the inaugural concert is already available. Many different paradigms and languages are covered. Here is the program of the two days. @samaaron, are you there?

Sounds very interesting. Unfortunately it is too far away for me to attend…

Yes, I’m here and talking on Friday. Come and grab me to chat! :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, I’m currently across the Atlantic ocean. I’m watching the replay stream right now. Can you tell us more about the implementation of Ixi Lang in Sonic Pi? It was a really good surprise for me! Hope to hear more about that, because I find it to be a very important addition to the software.

If there is an european 2020 edition, I think I will definitely be there.

EDIT : for those interested, here is a link to @samaaron talk:

Just watched the video. Very interesting. Like you i’d lol to know more about I I Lang and integrating it with Sonic Pi. I’ll down load it on my Mac and have a play for a start.

@samaaron : Can you tell us more or do you want to keep it private until work has been done on it ? Sorry for the update, but I’m really interested in seing things like that implemented into Sonic Pi.

Sure, although it’s all very experimental at the moment. Essentially, I’m working with Thor, the creator of Ixi Lang to bring something into Sonic Pi with the spirit of Ixi Lang. For it to make it in as a new feature, I have to be happy that it meshes well with existing features and Thor has to be happy that it has the right Ixi spirit :slight_smile:

What it does mean for sure is that new mini languages within Sonic Pi should be easier to write and work with. This is the most exciting thing for me. The upcoming 3.2 alpha release will contain some rough (working) sketches for you to play with. I just need to get the time to focus and work on it. Recently I’ve been installing and fitting out my new studio (which is making very good progress) and dealing with 3 ill children, so it’s been a bit fraught!

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Looks very promising! Just heard about the Ixi lang for the first time and got exited.

One of the things that intrigues me in ixi is the instant visual feedback with the agent variable manipulation using methods like swap and shift. I hope something like that will be possible with the Sonic Pi in the future. A simpler approach could be to include some sort of variable debugging panel that would show live status of the selected variables.

Have patience with your family and especially with yourself. You have already done so much good by creating easy live coding language that embaces the procedural and the concurrent programming paradigms :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Kind words, thank-you. I just struggle to find patience when time is ticking before the money I’ve saved up from generous Patreon supporters runs out. It’s only a few months, and it’s unclear how I’m going to generate sufficient funds to continue at this stage. I’ll try my best though.

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